Freemasonry means different things for each member. For some it provides the means to make new friends, others find it a way to serve others. Freemasonry is among the oldest non-religious, non-political, fraternal, and charitable organizations in the world. Through ceremony and allegory, Masons seek self-knowledge and personal betterment.  Every Mason is held to the highest moral standing serving as a positive role model within their community. Lodges within the State of Wyoming fall under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Wyoming.

Photo courtesy of Bro. Kenneth Humphrey

History of Freemasonry

The origins of Freemasonry are lost to the mists of time. Modern Freemasonry began on June 24, 1717 when four Masonic lodges in London, England met at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern to organize the first "Grand Lodge." Over the next three centuries Freemasonry spread across the globe.


The first Masonic meeting in Wyoming was held by a group of Freemasons on July 4, 1862 atop Independence Rock in Central Wyoming. The first regular lodge, Cheyenne Lodge #1 was chartered through the Grand Lodge of Colorado in October 1868. The Grand Lodge of Wyoming was founded on December 15, 1874.


Famous Freemasons

With the history of Freemasonry stretching back over three hundred years, it is not surprising to find many famous and important men among our ranks. These men with backgrounds in government, industry, entertainment, and the sciences saw the value of the Fraternity and what Freemasonry brought to themselves and their communities. Some of these notable brothers include:

  • Government & Military

George Washington
Paul Revere
Harry S. Truman
John J. Pershing

  • Industry

John Jacob Astor
James Cash Penny
Frederick Maytag
Walter P. Chrysler

  • Famous Wyoming Freemasons

Cyrus Beard-Chief Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court
Fred H. Blume-Wyoming Legislature & Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court
Fenimore Chatterton-6th Governor of Wyoming
Clarence D. Clark-United States Congressman & Senator
Arthur G. "Prexy" Crane-20th Governor of Wyoming & President of the University of Wyoming
William C. Deming-Newspaper Editor, Wyoming State Tribune
Michael Enzi-United States Senator
Mathew Mead-32nd Governor of Wyoming

  • Entertainment

William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody
John Wayne
Red Skelton
Mark Twain

  • Science & Exploration

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
Samuel Colt
Capt. William Clark
Charles A. Lindbergh